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Manx Kittens

Manx Parents:

Spring 2020 Kittens

Eve & Romeo March 21, 2020:


This boy has a sweet stump and an independent yet loving personality. While his siblings always wrestle with each other this boy is content to play with a kitty toy or hang out just observing. Zeb willingly engages in bouts of kitten hijinks but does not pester his siblings if they are not in the mood. At 8 weeks old this weekend, Zeb, shows he likes his attention but has not yet learned to seek out the giver. 



A sweet girl with loads of energy this baby girl is most often found in motion. She is not against being held and loved on but has to be sure there is nothing going on that she is being excluded from. Lili keeps her brothers on their toes lest she gain the upper hand.



This boy knows his mind and is sure he is right. A lover of attention but also planning on earning his “great kitty explorer” badge this boy will keep someone on their toes.