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Manx Kittens

Manx Parents:


Bitty and Romeo's kitten born July 15, 2021

Bitty has moved on and now has two new kittens. An orange tabby and tuxedo. Both have stumps and already show promise of being inquisitive lovers.

Ghost and Romeo Kittens born April 20, 2021

This little boy is all for rubs and scratches but has not yet figured out how to beg for it. However, give him some one on one time and he is bound to become a certified pest. Born of two Manx parents this baby was blessed with a full tail.

This cute brown/grey tabby boy has stump with a bump in it but it does not slow him down in the least. He settles right in for rubs but is also first to the kitten pile when romps are in the works.

Eve and Romeo Kittens born April 25, 2021

UNDERCONTRACT:  Eve’s grey/brown tabby little boy has a stump. He is a rascal who loves to play and play and yet settles in for a good rubbing when it is offered.