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Manx Kittens

Spring/Early Summer 2019 Kittens

Earchin & Romeo:

Pinto “Bean”s:

This boy is all boy but like is father, Romeo, loves his attention. He comes looking for pets and arches into the rub as the hand stroking him passes down his back. Once picked up he settles to watch the antics of his fellow youngsters; yet, give him a toy or another kitten and he plays and plays.  Beans as a tiny stump.

Bitty & Romeo kittens:

Bip has turned into a lover. His favorite is a good scratch along his spine and he will follow and sit at your feet looking up inquiring why he is not being petted and held.  Bippity has a a half tail/stump.

Eve & JoeQuinn or/& DB kittens:


First to greet you at the door this baby boy has the Manx personality even though he was blessed with a full kitty tail. OLT plays and is not afraid to rough house with the bigger kitties but is content to be held and loved on.


Like her brother OLT this girl greets you at the door and her motor starts as soon as she feels the scritchies. One must watch when stepping as she and OLT and Blaze tend to be directly underfoot most times. Ghost has a stump about 1 or 1.5 inch in the shap of an L. As she matures her tortoiseshell colors are coming out more and more. 

Drei (Dry):

Drei is a bit more shy than his littermates and would do best in a home willing to shower him with one on one time. As we spend more focused time with Drei his dad’s lover personality is blossoming.  When not learning about loving, Drei plays with anything he can carry or the captive ball in a ring toy or whichever of his fellow kittens he can entice into a game of wrestle.


Blaze is so named because of the red on his ears. He is a rumpie but shows no signs of Manx syndrome and is active and strong. This boy also loves his loving and is content to be held and loved on. But give him anything he can carry and swat and he is a terror along with enticing his fellow kittens into a game of chase or wrestlemania.


Is a peace loving girl. She started as Groucho because she was thought to be a he but ooops she is a pretty girl who is often rolled up like a little rolly polly bug and even maintains that position when being held. A rumpie with handsome black and white markings Grouch”ette” got her name due to her black half mustache. While in the human world a mustache on a woman is to be waxed off on this girl it gives her a daredevil appearance. Grouchette is a rumpie and while sweet and active and loving she is still developing strength in her hind end and will be older before she can go to a new home.